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Aug 26, 2018

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The “before”photo. At some point early in the process, a nurse will come in to ask a series of questions and give you a breathalyzer test. You can swear up and down you don’t need one, but guess what? They don’t believe you and prefer to see for themselves. Hard to believe, but some folks actually come in and lie… If it’s too high a number, then hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to detox you’ll go. You’ll be weighed, get your vital signs taken, and give a medical history to the nurse. She’ll clip a plastic ID bracelet on your wrist with a number and letter. In my case the letter was “A” for Alcoholic. It was at that moment that it really hit me. My disease had gotten so out of control I was in an inpatient facility being treated for alcoholism! I have to admit, I was scared. Unbelievably scared. Scared to be here, scared even more not to be. What had Prescription Drugs my life come to? Because I was admitted at night, the rest of the process took place the following day. But generally, on day one, you’ll do all the things I just described, and you’ll get a packet of information about various parts of the treatment. There’ll be a general orientation. You may meet other patients. You’ll get a tour of the facilities. Spoiler alert – it’s not a big place, so the tour doesn’t last long. Day one is relatively easy. You’ll have blood tests with a full tox screen and a try this physical. My biggest surprise was that my liver was enlarged. I had had routine annual physicals and no one ever mentioned it before.

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how klonopin works